John F Kennedy High School PACE

Raise additional funds for the PACE Program by using a scrip card while you shop!  Ask your local grocery clerk for a card at Raley's/Bel Air, Nugget Market (or both) and create your free account.  You can easily contribute up to 100% of the allotted percentage of grocery costs toward JFK PACE, or adjust as needed.

For Raley's/Bel Air/Nob Hill Foods (the "Extra Credit" card), sign up here and select JFK-PACE.

For Nugget Market scrip card, sign up here and add JFK-PACE as a beneficiary.

On a related note, try Amazon Smile while shopping online here.

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Just click  to be taken to their website where you can login and make any adjustments.  It's a painless way to get additional fundraising dollars to your child's high school program.


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