John F Kennedy High School PACE

What is PACE? 

Program in American and California Explorations (PACE) is a small learning community at John F. Kennedy High School. PACE offers students a four-year advanced academic program. The goal is to ensure that all PACE graduates are prepared to attend and succeed at competitive four-year colleges and universities. Each PACE student takes a rigorous college-prep curriculum (including Advanced Placement English, history, math, science, and foreign language) and takes uniquely designed English and history courses with an emphasis on California history, government, and literature, with writing across the curriculum. 

During their freshman year, PACErs are taught in two-hour “teaching blocks.” History is taught to one group of students one semester for two consecutive class periods with one break, while English is taught the other semester, utilizing the same two-period teaching block. For PACE staff, block scheduling allows for more instructional flexibility and provides opportunities for getting to know their students better. Junior and senior PACE students continue a rigorous curriculum and take honors and Advanced Placement courses in English, history, government, and science taught by PACE faculty. Other AP courses are also available. 

PACE is a University of California recognized honors program. 

What Makes PACE Different? 

Small Community of Learners
PACE students get the best of both worlds: PACE classes are grouped together in one part of the campus so that students benefit from a close-knit environment, yet have access to all the benefits of a large school. Freshmen start our program during the summer and arrive at Kennedy’s campus in the fall already having established PACE friendships and relationships with fellow students and PACE faculty. 

Access to Extensive AP Curriculum
We encourage students to take advantage of the wide variety of AP classes (taught by our many nationally certified AP instructors) that Kennedy has to offer. PACE students are required to take AP World History in their sophomore year and AP Government in their senior year. PACErs are required to take one AP class of their choosing their junior year. Students can choose among many AP subjects including: biology, calculus, statistics, chemistry, English language & composition, English literature & composition, physics, Spanish, art, US history,
and more. 


Student Schedule

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." - Alan Lakein

Click below to view a sample student PACE schedule:

PACE Sample Course Schedule or Course Sequence.pdf

Please note that this schedule represents possible options, not necessarily required courses.  For more information about the PACE Program, please see the PACE Brochure of contact the PACE office.


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